User Account and Password


Education courses are hosted on the fccDataPrivacy website and access to the education requires registration.

User accounts on the fccDataPrivacy website serve exclusively for the use of the offered educations. User accounts are assigned and maintained centrally via the fccDataPrivacy admin portal and are automatically synchronized with the fccDataPrivacy website.

A self-registration is not supported.

The following personal data of training participants are stored on the fccDataPrivacy website:

  • Registration data:
    • name (first name last name)
    • User-ID (usually the email address)
    • eMail address
    • language preference
    • time zone
  • Course data
    • attended courses
    • acquired certificates.

Conversely, after completion of a course (quiz successfully completed), the proof of training is transferred back to the fccDataPrivacy Admin portal (this can take up to 24 hours). The proof of training consists of eMail address, course name and date of course completion. Details like the quiz result or the certificate are for your eyes only and therefor not transferred.



You have received the access credentials to the fccDataPrivacy website by eMail (if not, please contact the local fccDataPrivacy Administrator or your local helpdesk).

After login the menu item 'Login' will be replaced by your name. By clicking on your name a menu opens:

  • participants can change their own password, language preference and their time zone under 'Edit Profile'
  • access to all the courses you are eligible for
  • access to the training certificates you have already acquired
  • log out (after 2 hours of inactivity you will be logged out automatically).


Change password

Under the menu item 'Edit profile' you can change your password.

The following rules apply to passwords:

  • Minimum length: 8 characters
  • Maximum length: 15 characters
  • Passwords must contain the following characters:
    • Capital letters (at least 1)
    • lower case letters (at least 1)
    • numbers from 0 - 9 (at least 1)
    • Special characters like +"*%&/()=?$£€ (at least 1).


What to do if the password is forgotten?

There are two procedures to solve this problem:

  • use the 'Forgot your password?' link directly below the registration form to create a new password by yourself
  • if the first procedure should not work against all expectations, contact your local fccDataPrivacy Administrator with the request for a password reset. You will then receive an eMail with the new password and will be asked to change the password at the next login.


Account Deletion

fccDataPrivacy has implemented a deletion concept according to the strict requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All necessary information about the deletion concept can be found here (coming soon).