Education Participants Mass-Upload


For a larger number of participants it is useful to load the training participants automatically rather than entering them manually. This is done via a file provided by the customer with the following format and content:

  • Format: csv with header
  • Content
    • first name
    • last name (first name Last name appear on the training certificate)
    • eMail address (this eMail address serves as username and the access credentials will be sent to this address)
    • location (name of the branch)
    • language (EN or DE, everything else is automatically set to EN)
    • start date (format YYYYMMDD)
      (if a specific date for sending the access credentials is desired; no start date = immediate)

      Dates can be assigned differently for each participant (this way a staggered training can be represented)
    • end date (format YYYYMMDD)
      access to educations will end on this end date; no end date = never-ending
  • the field names in the header and the order of the fields is arbitrary.



The positioning process is performed as follows:

  • the customer sends the file (as described above) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (i.e. the loading process is treated as a ticket)
  • the customer receives a confirmation of receipt
  • the fccDataPrivacy support team analyzes the file content and clarifies possible ambiguities with the customer
  • the data is loaded
  • if no date has been specified for a participant, this participant is registered immediately and the access credentials are sent
  • participants with a start date will receive the access credentials in the early morning (CET) of the start date
  • participants with an end date will be disabled in the early morning (CET) of the end date, i.e. for them educations are no longer available.



The upload process is charged according to the time and effort involved (experience has shown that it takes about 2 working hours).

The notification to the fccDataPrivacy Support is considered as an order. The current hourly rates can be found in the price list or - if available - in your customer-specific contract.