Compliance as a duty, ethics as a freestyle

Source: SWICO - Trade Association of the ICT and Online Industry


A company must know what data it wants to use and what goals it is pursuing with it. The aim is not only to comply with legal regulations, but also to achieve ethically "correct" and thus sustainable results.

The Swico Charta for the Ethical Handling of Data focuses on the collection, storage and use of data. It helps companies in the ICT sector to develop data-based products and services in such a way that they are in line with the expectations of customers, employees and society. These expectations go beyond data protection and relate to ethical principles. Thanks to the clear formulation of our values, the definition of the individual life stages of data and the easy-to-understand commitments to each step in the data life cycle, the Swico Charta offers support on important points:

  • Raising the quality of data-based products and services
  • Identify the ethical grey areas with regard to data protection legislation
  • Better understand ethical issues arising from the use of data
  • Attract talent that cares about the ethical stance of the employer
  • To build consumer and societal trust in the value-added use of data.

In the long term, orientation towards ethical principles or values will become an important component of good corporate governance for companies and in many cases contribute to the company's success. Moreover, this type of self-regulation is more effective and less costly than state intervention.


We are actively committed to the SWICO Charta with our fccDataPrivacy product portfolio.